Seamless Integrations

Our prebuilt partner integrations allow us to quickly customize and automate the data exchanges that power your sales process.

Customizable Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Tailor AutoRaptor's integrations to fit your dealership's specific requirements. Experience a scalable platform that grows with your business.

Wayne Reaves
AutoRaptor Integration Pillars

Sales Data Integration

AutoRaptor integrates with over a dozen DMS partners
Connect with your DMS for real-time customer data and retention strategies.

AutoRaptor integrates with over a dozen DMS partners including iDMS, Adams, DealerTrack, CDK, ADP, Frazer, PBS, Wayne Reaves, AutoMaster, AutoSoft and more.

Seamlessly connect with your DMS to send and receive valuable customer data

Import sold customer data to focus on customer retention

Leverage existing relationships to drive a variety of marketing campaigns

Sales DMS Partners

AutoRaptor integrates with over 75 Inventory partners

Inventory Management

Simplify tracking and align vehicles with customer preferences.

AutoRaptor integrates with nearly 80 Inventory Management partners including vAuto, CMD,,, Carweek, AutoMatrix, AutoSoftNET, Frazer, eDealer, DMI, Dealersync, DealPack, DealerTrend, Wayne Reaves, VinList, and more.

Easily connect vehicles to prospects

Track what vehicles are in high demand

Accurate and comprehensive information about every vehicle in stock

Tag customers on a vehicle “wish list”

Inventory Management Partners

Credit & Vehicle History

Access vital credit information instantly, enhancing your sales process.

Get to the deal more quickly because valuable credit information is available right where you are already

Seamlessly send valuable information about every vehicle to your customers

Data-Driven Decision Making

Make informed decisions with comprehensive data insights. Stay updated with the latest trends and performance metrics.

Unwavering Support and Security

Protect your data with our stringent security measures. Our team is committed to providing continuous support for a seamless experience.

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